Welcome Everyone!

Mrs. Gwen Scott

About: I have been a parishioner of SMA for 30+ years. Both my daughter and son attended SMA. My passion is teaching and my hobbies include gardening and painting. I love spending time with family and friends, being a “tourist in my own city”, and beach time! What I love most about SMA is the strong, supportive community atmosphere where daily interaction is rooted in our Catholic faith. I find it exciting to work within this dynamic environment where both teachers and students are encouraged to become lifelong learners.

Education: I attended both UNO & Holy Cross College and earned a Bachelor of Science degree from UNO. 

I have been teaching for 12 years, the last 10 years here at SMA.




Religion supplemental resource

The students have come to love a character named Brother Francis. His videos are engaging and talk to our children on their level about the mass, the sacraments, and our faith! I will refer to some of these in the upcoming weeks as we prepare for First Communion, but feel free to watch any of the Brother Francis videos. There is also a wealth of information for adult Catholics on this site.
If you did not join formed.org last year through the parish, please take advantage of this link to the site for a free trial during this time of at-home learning. 

Religion book

For online access during remote learning over the next few weeks:
Religion login:
Click on the provided link:
Enter:  username: sadlierstudent    password: readytolearn!
You have the text book, so I'm not sure how much we will use this. Just wanted you to have.

Needed materials for pick up tomorrow

Stacked on each student's desk are texts, packets, & whiteboards they will need to work with this coming week and throughout the closure. As communicated by Mr. Bonura in an earlier email:

The school building will be open on Monday (tomorrow) between 9:00-11:00 am for you to pick up all needed supplies that were not sent home last Friday. 

All students must have these materials in order to participate in the online lessons I will have prepared for them. They will need the hard copy reading texts in order to see me teaching on-line. Many did not bring them home. Some left their social studies books, green &/or pink folders, and pencil pouches in their desks.

In addition to those things forgotten, there are new materials that have been added to each desktop that will be needed to fully participate next week. There is also the Communion banner kit that was not given out to my students last week! This means every student has something to pick up from their desktop - some more than others.

Again, it is essential that they retrieve these items tomorrow in order to make this transition a smooth one. If you do not have Expo markers at home, they will have to find theirs and add to the items atop their desk!

Please, check your emails daily and our classroom page for all new notifications, postings, and announcements. Tomorrow I will send an email with a more detailed idea of what our days will look like in the upcoming weeks. I do have my folder with student passwords and will give that info out as well.  

Gwen Scott

Homework 3-3-20

Reread "Mr. Putter" & study notes & voc in DL; math chp. 5 test tom.-do "Practice Test" to prepare; spelling packet-do p59 & study bookmark; voc. workshop-p95 even #s only; study both the social studies and the religion study guides.