Fun Run

Our 2020 Boosterthon Fundraising Event (Fun Run) has been officially launched.
You can register and pledge at  (no code needed, just do a search for our school).
Please open the above file for all instructions.
Here are some aspects of the program that you can expect to see over the two weeks:

Each class designs their own Class Flag
Each homeroom teacher will present class incentives and rewards 
Each class has a Pledge-O-Meter to track their class’s funds and see which class incentives they earn  
There are daily prizes given to students for reaching certain fundraising goals
There are nightly challenges for the entire school and fun activities if they are reached
What is planned for the proceeds from our 2020 Fun Run:

Purchase of a Full Stem Lab to be integrated into The Learning Studio
Purchase of Chromebooks and Cart for the Learning Studio
Purchase of Design Software for creativity related to Stem Lab or Communications
Possible Purchase of Communication equipment: Examples, video capabilities, Green Screens, software etc.
Possible Interactive Technologies such as at Children’s Hospital
Wider Goals that may benefit from this Fundraiser and others:

Refurbished playing surface for the Blue Top
Individual Classroom Improvements : New Interactive Boards, wall coverings conducive to learning, improved collaborative spaces and more.
Improved or refurbished  playground spaces