Students step into the world of computer programming, learning core concepts such as functions, loops, conditionals, algorithms, and variables.
Kindergarten through 4th grade attends computer class once per week.
5th through 7th grade attends Monday - Friday every third week.
The SMA Music Program extends from Pre-K1 through 7th grade. The elements of melody, rhythm, harmony, and form are taught through various means. These include singing, playing instruments, body movement, books, music listening, and video.
Of course, bringing students closer to God through music is the main goal at SMA. Some of the other goals for studying music include pre-language skills (preschool), gross and fine motor skills, listening skills, socialization, self discipline, and self esteem.
 The 2nd and 3rd grades study recorder through recorder karate. The 4th grade focuses on basic guitar skills. And music theory is taught by building on what was learned in recorder. Middle school music can include different concepts like guitar, drums, music history, music appreciation, more advanced theory, singing techniques, and various projects depending on student’s interests.
Pre-K1 through 4th grade attends music class once per week.
Beginning with our PreK-2 children, we do basic movement and games, including age appropriate activities such as exercising to the music. 
Moving on to PreK-3 and PreK-4, students learn at an early age how to go through an obstacle course, walk on balance beams, have relay races and scooter races, as well as beginning ball skills, such as bouncing and catching. Exercise is also incorporated.
Our Kindergarten through 3rd grade students continue on with sport-specific skills and games relating to the current sports season. Learning the basics is important as the students progress on to playing team sports in future years. Students are also taught proper sports etiquette and how to play as a team.
Participation in team sports is an emphasis for our 4th through 7th grade students, so we concentrate on more intense sport-specific skills. Students continue to learn about the rules of each sport as they get more advanced.
Our Little Crusaders and PreK-3 students attend PE class once a week.

PreK-4 through 4th grade attends twice a week. 
5th through 7th grade attends Monday - Friday every third week.
Foreign language allows students to immerse themselves in a new language and culture. Students acquire knowledge of basic vocabulary and develop an understanding of the cultural heritage. It allows the learners to compare their own language and culture to others while making connections.
The journey begins in kindergarten and continues through seventh grade. The students are exposed to Spanish language and culture while enjoying many hands-on activities that make learning fun and easy.
This learning environment offers students the ability to obtain near-native pronunciation skills.
Students become familiar with sounds and common words and phrases. The vocabulary and grammatical structures center on age appropriate topics of interest. We use our Catholic-based learning as well, learning prayers in Spanish at age appropriate levels.
Kindergarten - 4th Grade attends Spanish class once per week.

5th through 7th grade attends Monday - Friday every third week.