Early Childhood

A year round educational program designed with the needs of working parents in mind! 
The Little Crusaders learning program is guided by the Frog Street Press Curriculum. Frog Street is a State of Louisiana approved curriculum for Infants and Toddlers. Our staff strives to cultivate an environment where each child can grow, while providing a multi-sensory, hands-on environment through many activities:
    • STEAM
    • Arts and Crafts
    • Creative Activities
    • Manipulative Toys and Games
    • Stories, Poetry, Play
    • Math Concepts
    • Pre-Reading and Readiness Activities
    • Motor Development and Music, Including PE and Music Elective
    • Cultural Events
    • Technology
    • Religious Activities and Prayer
    • Attendance at School Mass for a blessing
And Learn To:
    • Share and Cooperate
    • Explore, Experience and Discover
    • Make Decisions and Take Responsibility
    • Develop Self-Expression
    • Develop Listening Skills
    • Experience Success
Welcome to the wonderful world of Pre-K3, where the child is the central focus of our work! In order to help our students succeed in their early years of education, we encourage you to be involved in your child’s classroom.
Our curriculum helps to cultivate an environment in which the children can achieve their maximum potential. We provide a multi-sensory, hands-on environment rich in literature, along with math and science experiences. Our classroom is divided into learning centers. Manners and religion are also incorporated into our daily schedule.
We promote a positive self-esteem in a nurturing environment where we emphasize the emotional, intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual development of each of God’s children.
Our Pre-K3 classroom teachers and assistants are certified in both CPR and Health and Safety. 
The Pre-K4 Program is a fun-filled, theme-based program that stimulates and challenges each child to foster a love for learning.
Students work on language development, reading readiness, letter and number recognition, social skills, gross and fine motor skills, as well as math concepts and science exploration, all based on the Louisiana standards and benchmarks.
Our program strives to help the children reach their highest potential in a loving and safe environment, mainly through hands-on activities and play. Constant assessment and adjustments are made according to the many learning styles that are involved. Join us in preparing your child to advance towards Kindergarten! 
The St. Matthew Kindergarten Program promotes spiritual development, encourages positive social interactions, and reinforces a positive attitude toward school and learning. 
The Curriculum integrates structured as well as unstructured activities for 5 & 6-year-old students. Whole group lessons and learning centers meet the needs of individual learning styles. 
Religion and Spiritual Development is an important part of our curriculum. Daily prayers, weekly school mass, and planned religion lessons, including class discussions, help foster spiritual growth. 
Language Arts activities including reading instruction, letter formation, and communication through writing as the students practice letter and word recognition and formation. Other activities include segmenting words into sounds and putting sounds together to make words, a focus on listening skills, reading comprehension, and creative writing. 
Math curriculum includes the use of manipulative materials to reinforce the understanding of abstract concepts and develop critical thinking skills. 
Social Studies includes a study of community, neighborhoods, Louisiana, and Holidays. Articles and information in our "Weekly Reader" enhances global awareness in students. 
Enrichment Activities for students include Music, Library, Computer, Spanish, and Physical Education.