Office of Counseling Support Services

The St. Matthew the Apostle Office of Counseling Support Services provides guidance and resources to promote the academic, personal, and social development of students.

Services may include:

Students’ Needs: The school counselor serves as the Individual Students’ Needs Committee (IN-SNC) Coordinator working directly with administration, students, teachers, and parents to address the unique academic needs of students. The counselor, administration, and faculty meet regularly to discuss students’ needs, assess the effectiveness of classroom accommodations, and implement personalized strategies that may contribute to student success.

Resources and referrals: Administrators and faculty monitor students’ personal, social, and academic needs, communicate with parents, and provide resources and referrals when appropriate.

Speech therapy: The school counselor coordinates on-campus speech therapy provided by Jefferson Parish Schools.

Educational Programming: Classroom instruction and schoolwide activities address a variety of topics that may include bullying, character development, internet safety, Halloween safety, and Mardi Gras safety.