Our New Website!

Welcome to our new website!  When I arrived at St. Matthew nearly two years ago, many of you expressed a desire for our school to have a more modern website with a mobile friendly component.  Well, we’re all proud to have finally arrived at that day. This website was designed with parents as the primary focus. Parents of current students and parents of prospective students.  We envision our new site will become the hub of our school community. It is designed as a place where you can go for up-to-date information and upcoming activities and where we can celebrate student accomplishments.  We do consider the site to be a continual work in progress. In the coming days and weeks you will see added features that are already in the works. Our parents have always been tremendous partners in the success of our students, teachers and school community.  In that spirit, please pass along your feedback. We want to know what you like and how we can make the site better. This is your site, help us deliver what you need.

A Special Thanks……


We want to thank parents Nancy and Jason Vicari.  Both of them have worked tirelessly to help us be successful in this process.  Nancy and Jason have considerable experience and talents in the area of technology and website building.  There is simply no way we would have reached this point without their partnership and passion for St. Matthew.


On behalf of Jim Paci and Rhonda Foret we want to express our sincere thanks to Mr. Edmond Eberle and Ms. Holly Corvers.  More importantly we would like to express how proud we are of their work. From the beginning both of them have been the driving force behind the quality of the Site.  It has been gratifying to witness the leadership ability of two of our younger faculty members. Both of them are graduates of SMA, and throughout the process it became clear that their love and passion for “their” school was front and center.  They wanted a Site that any alumni would be proud of. They are both examples of successful SMA graduates and they also represent the high quality of the faculty who are teaching our students. 

Tony Bonura