In addition to multiple computers in every classroom, various forms of educational electronic media are accessible to the students and staff, such as specialized academic software, online libraries of music and videos provided through the Louisiana Public Broadcasting Cyber Channel® Video on Demand website, and an online card catalog of the St. Matthew library through the OPEC® Circulation system. Large 8' x 10' projection screens along with LCD and DLP overhead multimedia projectors, DVD/VCR decks, tape recorders, portable laptops,
digital cameras, scanners, and other imaging devices are available for classroom use. Teachers may also incorporate the use of dedicated electronic whiteboards that connect to the computer systems for interactive lessons that help with more tactile and visual learning needs. To encourage the student/parent-teacher cooperative, a state of the art digital phone and public address system has been added along with various upgrades to the school's computer network and online homework resource via Edline. The school also curently employs a full time Media Specialist whose job it is to over see the use of the many technological resources available to both teachers and students. Students may also utilize other resources to aid in their learning. These resources include the library, or if certain criteria are met, participation in the individual needs program. In addition, periodic health screenings are made available.