"The individual child is the central focus of our work in the primary grades"
Students learn using a variety of techniques including learning centers, manipulatives, creative writing, and projects. Students learn over 200 Dolch sight words to aid in fluency and word recognition. I-Pads are used in centers in the classroom setting to reinforce math and language art skills. Students are assessed through traditional testing as well as one on one individual reading inventories and student assessment portfolios. Students are issued report cards that measure individual skills, and do not use traditional letter grades. 
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Second Grade students thrive in a dynamic environment that fosters their natural curiosity while establishing a foundation for lifelong learning. Students learn to work independently as well as cooperatively within small groups. Lessons and activities incorporating problem solving strategies, critical thinking skills, and technology are designed to meet each child’s needs and strengths. We take pride in providing an atmosphere that promotes intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth. This is an exciting year for our students as they receive the Sacraments of First Communion and Reconciliation.
Third grade students begin to learn basic organizational skills and study skills. Students explore all subjects through cooperative learning, differentiated instruction, technology, collaboration, and group discussions. Students are becoming more independent and developing experiences in new and exciting areas!

Cooperative learning and differentiated instruction are primarily used to meet the needs of all learning styles while also preparing students for a rigorous Middle School curriculum. Technology is incorporated throughout the curriculum where appropriate. We strive to provide each child with a quality, Catholic education in a loving and nurturing environment.