Middle School

Middle School (5th, 6th, and 7th Grades) 
"The Middle School Curriculum is designed to prepare our students for the most challenging high schools in the area"
 The use of technology is infused throughout the curriculum in our Middle School, where all students have the use of their own chromebook on a daily basis.
Our Science program focuses on real world solutions to the problems facing this generation of learners through daily hands-on activities (STEM), use of labs, and a partnership with Louisiana Coastal Roots (LSU).
Our middle school faculty is dedicated to the overall preparation of our students for high school. This includes a rigorous advanced curriculum, with a focus on self-awareness. Students also develop their emotional intelligences and a need to serve others through spiritual formation.
In middle school, students are placed in leadership roles and set the example for the rest of the student body in terms of respect for each other and the faculty, and by exhibiting a dedicated work ethic.
The middle school schedule provides the opportunity for students to experience different classroom settings in terms of class make up and focus, as well as an introduction to following a rotating schedule.