St. Matthew sits on a nine-acre suburban campus. The new construction on campus meets all the standards of the American Disabilities Act, and all buildings are fully air-conditioned. There are thirty-four classrooms and a library with a forty student capacity.  Our two classes of Pre-kindergarten three-year-old students are housed in classrooms.  The Lil Crusaders (one-year-old and two-year-old students) students are housed in a separate 2,500 square foot facility.  A full service, 8,500 square foot cafeteria was completed in the fall of 1999.  Two computer labs with Internet capability, five portable computer labs each with twenty-five lap top computers, a 15 computer portable lab in the library, and two computers in each individual classroom provide the students with access to current technology.

The Monsignor John A. Bendix Community Life Center provides the school with an auditorium setting and conference areas. Annually, it is also the setting for a St. Joseph's Altar coordinated by the third grade and a Louisiana Heritage Day Celebration organized by the fourth grade. The parish church itself is the setting for
student-attended weekly Masses with the parish community, Reconciliation, the annual Christmas Pageant, Passion Play, May Crowning, the Living Rosary, the Way of the Cross, and Benediction during Lent.